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  • Sidering Knockout
    Sidering Knockout

    The objective of the game is to knock out all opponents and get the championship belt. Try to do combinations and dodge the opponents punches. A tip would be to find the best key combination and use it repetitively. Try not to get hit by spamming punches.
  • Zoo Breakout
    Zoo Breakout

    The animals have escaped from the zoo! Get them back in this fun hidden-object game! When you find a lost item or animal, click on it with your mouse. Complete the list before time runs out! After each level, you learn new fun facts about the animals you have found!
  • Kombat Fighters
    Kombat Fighters

    Select your popular character and then fight your opponent using cards that determine your attacks.
  • Paladin

    Kognor, the god of death, has taken over the world with his army of undead minions. Hidden away deep inside a sanctuary, you have been trained in the ways of the light and the sword, so one day you would be able to fight these evil powers.

    It is up to you to reclaim the world from the disgraceful beings that move on its surface.
  • Magic Chunjamoon
    Magic Chunjamoon

    A devil of a Korean edition changes, and moreover I intend making of a bubble and a game to be very elaborate and beautiful, and it''''s possible to collect the character on the monument in the upper left and overcome the checkpoint (difficulty) right now..It''''s possible to be increased with a checkpoint and many treasures (are possible), and the white (make,) chicken from which the near devil changes is also helped so that I may encourage you by the side! Very fascinating~~.
  • Blockade Blitz
    Blockade Blitz

    A reinvented version of Breakout with monsters, powerups, and puzzle pieces to gather. Get them all.
  • Dracojan Skies Acolytes Final
    Dracojan Skies Acolytes Final

    This is the finished version of the Dracojan Skies Acolytes series where you would be able to save the game and use new weapons. Follow the adventures of Rick Kramer as he try to protect Ethonian's guardians, the Drakojans. Collect power-ups as well. Good luck fighter!
  • Peace Queen Cup Korea
    Peace Queen Cup Korea

    This is the best soccer game ever! You will be Korea's representative in competing against different countries in the soccer finals. Just set the direction, curve and force that you will apply in kicking the ball, and off you go to the finals! Good luck and have fun!
  • Air Hockey
    Air Hockey

    Try to defeat 10 rivals in this great air hockey game, with the addition of bonuses to collect this version out plays its rivals. Take control and try and score more goals than your opponent, the faster you score the more points you get, Pickup Ikoncity stars for extra bonus points.
  • 2006 Peace Cup Korea
    2006 Peace Cup Korea

    Kick the soccer ball, picking the angle, turn, and speed and try to score passed the goal keeper.
  • My New Hair
    My New Hair

    In my new hair you can try out all your creative hair ideas on a real model!. Give this girl a professional hair workout, and alter her looks to something more modern.
  • Code Lyoko: Monster Swarm
    Code Lyoko: Monster Swarm

    Swarms had infiltrated the jungle and it's up to Lyoko to stop the all.
  • Korea Maplestory - Fantasy
    Korea Maplestory - Fantasy

    Play a short flash game of maple story.
  • Futubo

    Bounce with some nice 3d graphics, 8 powerups and over 30 levels Futubo is a spacy version of the wooden Pachinko game.
  • Korean Princess Dressup
    Korean Princess Dressup

    This is the perfect set for the little girls who really want to be a Korean princess.
  • Makos

    Pull the lines or collumns on order to form groups of at least three makos of the same color. Fill the starbar before the time expires to advance to the next level.
  • Reiko

    Reiko is young but also elegant. Dress her up to look great.
  • koroko

    koroko is a girl from a small town in Korea. Dress her in traditional clothing.
  • Naruto Snowy Battle Field
    Naruto Snowy Battle Field

    Help Naruto Beat Konohamaru in to a snow fight.
  • Sponge Bob Squarepants Deep Sea Smashout
    Sponge Bob Squarepants Deep Sea Smashout

    A game of Breakout with Spongebob's head as the paddle. Bounce the undersea creatures around.
  • Flying Ninja
    Flying Ninja

    A Help kakashi Fight all the ninja and protect konoha from it.
  • Kongfu Master Keys
    Kongfu Master Keys

    The Kongfu master was set up by the bad guys and he has to collect all the keys and touch the angel to escape. Don't get caught by the bad guys.
  • Fashion Makover
    Fashion Makover

    Make these three models pretty and then look at the result. You might find the result very surprising!
  • Avatar Fire Nation Barge Barrage
    Avatar Fire Nation Barge Barrage

    Conquer earth and water tribes with Prince Zuko by the fire nation barge. Just choose the village you want to attack and then gear up yourself for battle. The villagers are harder to conquer if their defenses are high. Save shipwrecked firebenders strewn out of the waters to form your crew. Use their bending energy to throw fireballs to enemy's walls. Watch out for golems and sea dragons too and collect necessary power-ups.